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Chapter 706 rotten afternoon

While not her sword or any characteristics substance, Su Han was paler . She was approximately to step up and roll just as before as soon as the other claw of your large parrot dashed toward her much like a modest mountain / hill .

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Viewing her crimson sweater rotating green via the bloodstream that has been oozing from her shoulder joint, Hao Ren also didn't dare to prevent and bandage her wound . He went with Su Han .

Soon after going for almost one hour and ended up certain that the enormous wildlife didn't return, they finally stopped for any crack .

Bang! The bright colored electricity sword suddenly shattered and transformed into numerous hundun sword energies, exploding in their lengthy the neck and throat .

"We can't get segregated . " Hao Ren achieved back again and grabbed Su Han's left hand .

"Su Han!" Hao Ren yelled and rushed toward her .

By using a deafening noise, the enormous dark rock and roll was shattered by Hao Ren's sword energies before plunging on a lawn .

Su Han acknowledged Hao Ren's direction preference silently mainly because it in-line along with her very own . It looked that Hao Ren seemed to be observant and had a brief mind .

Only when the four ocean dragon palaces exposed the Nine Dragon Palaces alongside one another, the variety growth would avoid managing for the short term, as well as nine Ancestral Dragon Palaces would territory on the ground in several positions .

She finally grasped how it experienced .

Hao Ren's sword shut down one claw from the big parrot!

"Su Han!" Hao Ren yelled and rushed toward her .

Hao Ren went over and had taken her left-hand into his right-hand .

Hao Ren transformed and investigated Su Han with fear as part of his sight, and sweat was dripping from his brow . Although conflict survived only one second, and so they utilised only three assaults, it turned out an exceptionally chilling knowledge!

An additional huge whitened parrot soared toward him with great velocity while its fluttering white-colored wings designed virtually no atmosphere currents!

"We can't get separated . " Hao Ren gotten to backside and found Su Han's left hand .

Every one of the green gra.s.s was blown down via the large wind power, exposing in regards to a dozen compact beasts that have been concealed on the gra.s.s .

The decorative vitality sword which had pierced through the claw suddenly shot up into your lengthy thin neck area of the huge bright pet bird .

The multi-colored vigor sword that had pierced through the claw suddenly shot up into the prolonged slender neck area of the large bright parrot .

Hao Ren gripped her fingers and decided on the course prior to striding via the gra.s.s .

Su Han lauded Hao Ren's road choice silently simply because it aligned with her very own . It appeared that Hao Ren was observant and had a fast imagination .

Following your huge wild birds flew apart, the green gra.s.s bounced back, and Hao Ren raced forward with Su Han .

The picture where Hao Ren photo up and pierced that big bird was ironed into her head .

Hao Ren transformed to see the almost boundless ordinary and the traveling by air or going tough beasts . He needed to confess that Su Han was proper .

On account of Su Han's loss in nature fact within the Nine Dragon Palace, Hao Ren couldn't feel her site simply, and they couldn't use modern day communication equipment . If he and Su Han acquired split up, they could be in hassle .